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twenty eleven

Its beginnings were still in a bit of emotional turmoil.  The middle was filled the fallout from a medical event.  As it came to an end, most things had settled down to a pretty stable routine.

I think the best way I can sum up 2011 is it was a year of either looking back at 2010 or looking forward towards 2012.

That said some highlights from 2011:
●  An externship at the Hollywood Farmer’s Kitchen doing food preservation.
●  Roasting my own coffee (and getting a mention in the LA Times because of it).
●  Traveling to Portland Timbers matches in Portland, San Jose, Vancouver & and going to both matches in LA.
●  Reading more books than 2010.
●  Beer Belly (a craft beer bar — not my actual beer belly) and the great folks I’ve met there.

I am definitely looking forward to this year…there are big changes in store and I’m excited for them to come to fruition.   But those are for a future post.

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Some things I’ve been up to in October

Sweet Pickled PumpkinSweet Pickled Pumpkin

Pepper MashPepper Mash (future Hot Sauce)

Fresh Roasted Coffee BeansFreshly Home Roasted Coffee Beans
(more to come on this soon)

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