BBA Challenge

My friend Nicole started the BBA challenge on her blog Pinch My Salt.  The idea was to bake through the formulas in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart.  Her challenge was to go through the formulas in order at whatever time frame you wanted.  I didn’t join her challenge right away, but as I began to read through her posts about her breads I became more intrigued.  What put me over the edge, is when she brought along some focaccia to share on a visit to LA.  For my own challenge, I bended the rules a bit and am skipping around the formulas.

I’m going to list the formula’s on this page and as I complete them link to my posts about them.  There are no recipes in any my posts, for that you’ll need to get the book!

Formulas Completed:  28 of 43

The Formulas:
Anadama Bread
Greek Celebration Breads
Brioche and Brioche Relatives

Cinnamon Buns and Sticky Buns
Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread
Corn Bread
Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread
English Muffins
French Bread
Italian Bread
Kaiser Rolls
Lavash Crackers
Light Wheat Bread
Marbled Rye Bread
Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire
Pain à l’Ancíenne
Pain de Campagne
Pane Siciliano

Pizza Napoletana
Poolish Baguettes
Portuguese Sweet Bread
Potato Rosemary Bread
Basic Sourdough Bread
New York Deli Rye
100% Sourdough Rye Bread
Poilâne-Style Miche
Pumpernickel Bread
Sunflower Seed Rye
Swedish Rye (Limpa)
Tuscan Bread
Vienna Bread
White Bread: Three Multipurpose Variations (Variation 1)
Whole-Wheat Bread
Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Torpedoes
Roasted Onion and Asiago Miche

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