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cut flower

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Photo by Pathan Jomazo

beautiful flowers
grown with gentle care are cut
killed for our pleasure

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one simple breath: Winter


Photo by: Daniel Parks License: CC by-nc

relentlessly it
rains depression. obscuring
moments of lightness.

a prompt from onesimplebreath.com

I’ve got a new web project going on. Its a haiku community where there will be semi-regular prompts to write haikus. Anyone is welcome to join and participate. Please check out the site at the links above.

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don’t hesitate

disappeared in this
entanglement i wonder
how autumn fell out

a second early (or late)
this seedling fades in memory

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A Presence

the presence of the
tree provides the nourishing
words the mushroom needs

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rising from deserts
yellow wildflowers reach
and find each other


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*wildflowers courtesy of Go John Trail, Cave Creek, AZ

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sunkissed clouds embrace
wind blowing through your absence
spring returns with you

more impressions of kindness can be found at the new community at one single impression (formally one deep breath)

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one deep breath: boulders

your ancient problems
molded by wind and rain and time
solved in climbers grace

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one deep breath: more closeness

for Elizabeth

you remain inside
falling rain. your presence known
despite the drought.

another breath of closeness

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one deep breath: closeness

for S.

moonlit encouraged
waves embrace the sand, wind breathes
drawing each to us

another breath of closeness

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one deep breath: grandparents

One of the things I failed to touch on in my earlier post about my last couple weeks in Oregon, is perhaps one of the most important things I did while I was home in Eugene for the two and a half weeks.  Because all of the grandchildren were going to be in town, we were going to inter my grandmothers ashes.  My grandfather had wanted to wait for a time when we could all easily be there.  My sister, who lives in NYC, had flown back just a couple days before my grandmother passed.  Because my grandmother did not want a funeral, there was no rush to bury her ashes.

The whole family drove up to the small cemetery where her ashes would rest.  They would be put directly into the ground next to her parents.  My uncle dug a small hole and my grandfather opened the box her ashes were in and poured them directly into the ground.  What remained of my grandmother would at least feel the earth around her as she wanted.  Yet again, however, I learned about love from the eyes of my grandfather.  This haiku is for him.

for grandpa

her ashes covered
within the dirt.  his tears truth.
their love still evolves.

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