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Data visualization nerdery

I follow a blog that looks at the way folks visualize data. Its called Flowing Data.

In a post today they link to a post by Robin Weis where she has tracked every time she cried over the span of 589 days (Feb 20, 2014 to Oct 1, 2015). The full post is here: Crying. One of the more interesting visualizations (which is also interactive on the full post) is partly shown here:

Breakups and relationships were the root of 63% of the total cries. The data spanned the majority of a year-long, long-distance relationship, the entirety of a breakup, a little bit of dating, and the very beginning of another relationship. The breakup was a terrible mess during which I found out that my ex was actually married, and the lies and trauma caused 40% of my total crying.

She also has a great post visualizing 8 years of dating (with little notes on each relationship/first date): 8 Years of Dating Data

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Portland Timbers, We Adore You

[A video commemorating the first home MLS game from the Front Office]

A great 1st season in MLS barely missing the playoffs.

Can’t wait until next season!

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Super Bowl!

What a great game! Sure I was excited that the Saints won, but even if the Colts had won, it would have been an enjoyable game to watch. 

One thing that surprised me was how disappointing the commercials were this year.  Not really a stand out among any of them.  For as much money as these companies are spending on these things, put a little work into them.  I did however have two interesting connections to commercials this year.

First, the main guy in this Budweiser spot goes to my church…in fact my girlfriend and I sat next to him and his wife this morning:

And in this spot, one of my friends from church in High School is mentioned by name (turns out the writer of the spot is a buddy of his):

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Whiskey at Night

photo from eater la

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Pac-10 Football and TV

I pretty much agree with this post from the Oregonian’s Duck Football blog:

The Last Thing You Want Is For Fans To See The Games
Posted by

Bob Rickert
October 15, 2008 07:10AM

Man is the Pac-10 screwed up. I could use harsher language, but I won’t. Brutal. Brutal leadership is what I’ll call it. Brutal in every way.

Now comes word that the Pac-10 won’t allow the Ducks to televise their own football game. And when you hear it’s ‘contractual’, because you know they’ll find an excuse/reason of their own, remember, these are the networks that quite honestly, are treating the conference like a little child anyway. The networks with very very little respect for the Pac 10. I’d put it on the same level as Conference USA actually. In all sports that’s the level of respect that Tom Hansen and his guys have sunk the conference to. Pathetic leadership.

Let’s see, if Tom Hansen had any guts, a clue about 19th century marketing, or any vision at all, THE PAC TEN WOULD HAVE IT’S OWN NETWORK AND EVERY SCHOOL WOULDN’T HAVE TO BE OUT THERE PLAYING COWBOY ON THEIR OWN.

Funny how all the USC games are on television, even when they stunk. Funny how that works for UCLA.


Well, I’ll be there in person. So I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ll fire reports as much as possible.

Ha, also makes me wonder.

What about instant replay? With no cameras, or only one or two cameras set up for the schools themselves, is it valid to even use it? Do the rules change because the teams playing aren’t in the national title hunt 5 games into the season?

Do the fans matter less because they’re not rooting for USC?

Yes. And, yes.

Thanks Tom Hansen. Well negotiated.

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