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twenty eleven

Its beginnings were still in a bit of emotional turmoil.  The middle was filled the fallout from a medical event.  As it came to an end, most things had settled down to a pretty stable routine.

I think the best way I can sum up 2011 is it was a year of either looking back at 2010 or looking forward towards 2012.

That said some highlights from 2011:
●  An externship at the Hollywood Farmer’s Kitchen doing food preservation.
●  Roasting my own coffee (and getting a mention in the LA Times because of it).
●  Traveling to Portland Timbers matches in Portland, San Jose, Vancouver & and going to both matches in LA.
●  Reading more books than 2010.
●  Beer Belly (a craft beer bar — not my actual beer belly) and the great folks I’ve met there.

I am definitely looking forward to this year…there are big changes in store and I’m excited for them to come to fruition.   But those are for a future post.

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Books I’ve Read in 2011

Total pages read: 23,992
Shortest book: 81 pages
Longest book: 985 pages
Fiction: 46
Non-fiction: 20
Cookbook: 11
Poetry: 5

Last book read:

82.  House of Holes by Nicholson Baker.  A bunch of interlinked raunchy tales from the master of literary pornography.  262 pages. (Finished 24 Dec 2011).

Full list below the cut:

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