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one deep breath: shelter


by protecting us
from rainy days. a rainy
kiss remains a dream

another shelter @ a rhino walks

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one deep breath: twilight/dusk

we embrace between
a chill of moonlight and the
warmth of winter’s sun


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one deep breath: roots/connection

Ashes (a haiku)

for grandma

they too fade away
reduced to a jar those
eighty-three years


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one deep breath: reflections

bluegrass (a haiku)

her hair brushes scent
blue sky winter clouded
dulcimer hammered

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*edited 30 Jan 07

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one deep breath: subtle change

I had a difficult time with this weeks prompt, as 2007 has been anything but subtle for me.  In the end I decide to focus on winter precipitation in the pacific northwest.  It is often just a subtle difference between rain and snow on the valley floor.

not a drop, it falls
a unique creation
melting on touch

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one deep breath: a new year

for my grandma:

machines watch over
pneumonic nights. fighting death–
for another year.


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one deep breath: storms

A different kind of storm for my take on this weeks prompt from one deep breath.  Saturday my grandmother had a stroke.  As of now the doctors think she’ll be fine, but she’ll be in the hospital for at least a week for observation/recovery.  When my dad and I visited with her Sunday afternoon, she recognized us and was able to ask us questions and follow the conversation.  I’ll take that as a good sign.

a gust topples
the body without notice

My grandparents and I at my college graduation.

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one deep breath: legacy

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.  As her mind got worse, it was eventually necessary for her to live in a foster care home.  This was back when I was in middle school.  My grandfather at this time lived in a retirement home, because though he suffered from bone cancer and was wheelchair bound, he was largely self sufficient.  My grandfather’s retirement home was directly across the street from the middle school I attended.  Often, after school I would go and visit my grandfather.  On occasion we would take the city bus across town to go and visit my grandmother.  It was during these trips that I first understood what it meant to truly love someone.  

her mind riddled
even love is obscured
but eyes remember

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the prose section of this haibun is inspired by a story i am working on for a site a good friend of mine is a part of.  the site is called common ties and publishes (and pays for) personal stories in the mold of something you might hear on this american life or the storycorps project.  i encourage you all to check out the site.

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one deep breath: come to your senses

grey fury kissed
beaded saltiness becomes
private earthquakes
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more renga

pale fingers of aspen
pin-pricked bubble of blood
after October leaves

chills seep into thoughts leaving
bare skin craving winter’s embrace

-a collaboration between Carolyn and myself

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