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for roses & cigarettes

for roses & cigarettes 
i dreamt about your bed 
or mine it wasn’t clear 
just that once (or twice) 
do you remember that weekend? 
the one where the past was forgotten 
when we went over that cliff and 
we unravelled into each other 
or do you remember this weekend? 
the one where we drenched ourselves in rays, 
our feet in the ocean… 
connecting us to the rest of the world 
and each other 
this is where we are, 
    we be, 
            we see 
we make love

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rising from deserts
yellow wildflowers reach
and find each other


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*wildflowers courtesy of Go John Trail, Cave Creek, AZ

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sunkissed clouds embrace
wind blowing through your absence
spring returns with you

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one deep breath: architecture

these are the shape of
things.  sun prays.  rain believes. wind
doubts.  above all they dream.


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one deep breath: viewpoint

at the mountain’s peak
poems alive without breathing
words tossed to the wind

they hang in the mist seeping
so completely we forget

–a Renga written with Elizabeth Moore

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They don’t finally meet somewhere

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.


I wonder if at times I am just guilty of hearing only what I want to hear.  If perhaps I’ve been deceiving myself in my pursuit of some sort of meaningful relationship.  That in my looking, I’ve become blind to love itself.

Over the past year it feels like I’ve been constently beaten down in this pursuit.  I have to wonder if some of those bruises are self-inflicted.   Am I ascribing feelings of love to feelings of lust?  I fell for a couple different people this past year.  Each time however fate seemed to have other things in store (pending moves were issues in both cases, though not by any means the only issues).  I’m waiting for the day to arrive that the chorus of the Dire Straits song “Romeo & Juliet” will no longer be true.

Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start,
And I bet, then you exploded in my heart,
And I forget, I forget, the movie song
When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet?

Right now I am stuck in this paradox of extreme spring fever and an indifference towards relationships.  I don’t need something completely serious…but I don’t want just a random hookup either.  From experience, I know that the random hookup won’t make me any happier.

So I’m left with just faith.  I believe, as Rūmī suggests, I will find what was in me all along.  It brings me hope and with that hope I maintain at least some level of happiness.  There are days that it is a struggle to believe in that hope and happiness. These days I rely on my faith and also on poetry.  Sometimes what I need is time in prayer.  Other times, the prayer comes through the poetry of others.  Some days I just need to write.  It doesn’t always make sense.  It isn’t always poetry.  It is just love.  I don’t need to “understand” it.  I just need to give myself to it.  Without condition.  Without requition.  In many ways this has become my religion.  Love and my faith in it.

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one deep breath: nurture

For the majority of my life, I’ve lived in the Northwest.  As a result I’ve come to enjoy the rain.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sun and welcome its return each spring, but I also look forward to the return of the rain come October.  The rain is what helps Oregon retain its majestic beauty.  So my response to this weeks prompt at One Deep Breath is dedicated to the rain, that nurtures our environment and provides our fresh water.

rain (a haiku)

in solace journey
to your collected presence
from grey life sustains

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one deep breath: sleep(lessness)

it eludes me…mind
distracted by heart’s thoughts
awake without you


some breaths of sleep

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one deep breath: sleep

Two haiku on sleeping.

while dreaming it makes
perfect sense until dawn breaks
and shadows awake


we share this sleep in
conversation silently
forgotten by dawn


a breath of sleep(lessness)

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one deep breath: the sea

aware of our feet
the sea blinks and anoints them
the tears soften sand

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