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A Brave New World

This is the world the Bush administration has helped create.  A world where nuclear weapons are spreading.  Eventually something very, very bad is going to happen.

See Glenn Greenwald’s blog for his take on the situation. (There’s no need for me to recreate the wheel)

More from Gleen Greenwald: Iraq vs. North Korea 

I wonder what we can do to change this course we seem to be on. 

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Mashup Fun

from Aurgasm:

Justin Timberlake vs. Corey Hart – I Wear My SexyBack at Night (Cheekyboy Edit)

and the scary thing is…its kinda cool, in a completely cheesy kinda way

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Bush’s Role in History

As told by The Onion:

The Onion

Bush: ‘History Cannot Judge Me If I End It Soon’

WASHINGTON, DC–Despite, or perhaps because of, rising fuel prices, the unpopularity of the U.S. presence in Iraq, and mounting legal…

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