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Tree of Codes

I’ve had this on order at Amazon for months, but finally noticed in the reviews that Barnes & Noble had it in stock on their website.  In his latest work of fiction, Jonathan Safron Foer has literally cut out a new story from Bruno Schulz’s classic story The Street of Crocodiles (also known as The Cinnamon Shops).

The result is something beautiful…words from pages below peeking up into the current page…giving so many different ways to read each page.  Reading through front to back is quick, as there aren’t many words on each page…and each page is only one-sided.  But this is something I imagine you’d want to read over…seeing the different ways the words come together.

About the book (from Jonathan Safron Foer):

The making of the book (from the publisher):

Tree of Codes (Publisher’s Microsite)

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