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I received “Achievement”

About a month ago, I wrote about The Priority Box project.  Well on Monday, I finally received my priority box.  It contains: Achievement.

And you know what…I did achieve some things this week.  Which I’ll write about in my next entry.

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The Priority Boxes

A friend of mine just received one.

“The Priority Boxes” A global art series.

What would you do if you suddenly received a box via mail, labeled “FRAGILE: Contains Peace”? How would you use it? Would you give it to someone else? Would you sell it?  Would you just throw it away?

Such a box is exactly what painter Franck de Las Mercedes has been sending since May of 2006 to anyone who asks him, anywhere in the world, for free.

“The Priority Boxes” project is a public art series that seeks to provoke thought, to make people reconsider their ability to influence change, communicate through art and make art accessible to people from all walks of life.

Sign up for one of your own here.

I signed up for one, and will post when I receive mine in the next month or two.

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