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Multigrain Extraordinaire

Wow, this post is long delayed.  I baked this bread months ago…but such is things when life gets in the way.  I do luckily have a few more pictures of baking this bread to help spur my memory though.


I started out with a overnight soak of some oats, polenta, & wheat bran.  The next day I mixed in the flour and let it rise.


This made a single loaf, and it crested nicely about the lip of the pan.  I topped it with flax seed to add yet a little more extra goodness to the multiple grains.  (My first batch of strawberry freezer jam is setting in the background!)

Just out of the oven.


This made great sandwich bread.  (I was also told it was good as toast, but I didn’t have any myself.)  It was gone before I knew it.  I would like to make this again soon as I get back into the baking habit.

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