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Leaving Oregon

After an action packed final week, on July 21, 2007, I loaded up a truck with all of my belongings and left Portland after almost three years.  I was heading down to Eugene to spend some time with my family and friends before the final destination of Los Angeles.  It was a good thing however that I was so busy the last couple weeks in Portland, because it gave me less time to reflect on the things and people I was leaving.  I was thankful however that I managed to spend at least a little time with pretty much all of my Portland area friends before I left.

Moving day was pretty crazy.  Most of my stuff was ready to put in the truck, but not quite everything.  Then there was the question of “was everything going to fit?”  Luckily with some excellent Tetris-like skills, everything that was going fit in the truck.  I was pretty exhausted by the time the truck was loaded and contemplated sticking around another night before pushing through and getting on the road.

My two and a half weeks in Eugene hanging with friends and family was good.  Both of my sisters were in town, which could be one of the last times all of us are together under the same roof.  (The middle sister lives in NYC). There was also plenty of good times to be had with my Eugene friends, 80’s night, a now infamous Burlesque show and one new friend.  I find it kinda ironic that for most of high school and college I couldn’t wait to get out of Eugene, but now that I’ve been gone for awhile…I really miss it.  Anyway, the time in Eugene was really good, not nearly as dramatic as I’d feared and well worth the lost wages I could have earned staying in Portland for another couple weeks.

On August 8th, I loaded what I could in a rented Chrysler Pacifica and began my journey to Los Angeles. Before leaving Oregon, I did have to stop in Ashland to get some snacks at the Co-op and see my old housemate. But after that quick stop, it was on to California.

I’ve barely left you…but I miss you already

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