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Marbled Rye


I’ve been making pastrami sandwiches for a lunch lately, so I was pretty excited to make some rye bread to complement them.  Plus there was the added fun of a marbled bread!

The tricky thing with a marbled loaf is you need to have both doughs having similar fermentation time.  For this reason having everything mise en place is especially important for this loaf.  Each of the doughs, are essentially identical, except the darker one has an added coloring agent.  I used unsweetened chocolate dissolved in water as my coloring agent.

After proofing, the loaves get an egg wash right before baking to give the nice crust you see below.


The bread tasted great, it made for a really nice Pastrami sandwich the next day.  I also brought it into work and shared with the folks at work.  They liked it so much that one of my co-workers offered to pay me to make her some more.

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