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Reason # 415,894,894,468 our President is a giant douche

Because of the “surge” my friend Nicole’s husband gets to stay in Iraq another six months instead of coming home on Valentine’s Day.

* And yes I made up the number to approximate the dollars wasted on this necessary war

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more renga

pale fingers of aspen
pin-pricked bubble of blood
after October leaves

chills seep into thoughts leaving
bare skin craving winter’s embrace

-a collaboration between Carolyn and myself

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one deep breath: renga

This weeks prompt at one deep breath is friends & companions. As an added exercise we were encouraged to write a renga, which is traditionally written in collaboration with someone else.  The form consists of a haiku followed by a couplet of two seven syllable lines.  My good friend Elizabeth collaborated with me on the following renga.
songs speak to hearts
words that could have been rain
if shy lips had spoke

they gaped, drenched, at the rainbows
steam rising from the space between
more haiku and renga from the poets at one deep breath. 
another renga made with a different friend

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what’s ahead (at least in the short term)

So I’ve had some time to think about the options for the next few months that I was considering last month.  I have decided that the Los Angeles option is not going to happen.  While it would be a great opportunity, now is not the time for that path.

As for the other option of pursuing some sort of mission work with the church…that is still on the radar, but as an attraction.  Its something that I will explore more if for some reason my current discernment process stalls for some reason.  For now I feel what is best is to keep going down the path I am already on.

It definitely did help that my roommate (and one of my best friends) has decided to stick around for awhile.  He was considering moving back to where his family lives (St. Louis).  So for now the status quo will remain in effect.  Though we do have start looking for a new third roommate as our temporary roommate from Quebec is leaving mid-May.

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