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when rhino’s fly

rhino air lift

© Michael Raimondo/WWF Black rhino being transported by helicopter to an awaiting land vehicle. The helicopter trip lasts less than 10 minutes and enables a darted rhino to be removed from difficult and dangerous terrain. The sleeping animals suffer no ill effect.

a flying rhinoAs part of conservation efforts, a group of 19 rhino’s were moved to a new range.  Part of the journey involved a short helicopter trip.  More from the WWF here.

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World Rhino Day!

The March of MankindToday is the WWF’s second annual World Rhino Day supporting the efforts to end rhino poaching worldwide.

In honor of World Rhino Day, Flickr is highlighting photos of rhino’s today. (the images in this post come from flickr…many more here).

A rhino's smile

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