February 29


An extra day —

Like the painting’s fifth cow,
who looks out directly,
straight toward you,
from inside her black and white spots.

An extra day —

Accidental, surely:
the made calendar stumbling over the real
as a drunk trips over a threshold
too low to see.

An extra day —

With a second cup of black coffee.
A friendly but businesslike phone call.
A mailed-back package.
Some extra work, but not too much —
just one day’s worth, exactly.

An extra day —

Not unlike the space
between a door and its frame
when one room is lit and another is not,
and one changes into the other
as a woman exchanges a scarf.

An extra day —

Extraordinarily like any other.
And still
there is some generosity to it,
like a letter re-readable after its writer has died.

From The Beauty by Jane Hirshfield (via Brain Pickings)

By date at least, I only have half birthdays once every 4 years. Today is my 10th half birthday. Weird. I know half birthdays are something for kids…but with mine being on the leap day…its kind of interesting to me in a way I can’t quite explain.

I’m not quite sure whether or not an extra day is a gift or a curse this year yet. That will be something to be determined later. I am still hopeful that 2016 will be a good year.

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one simple breath: Winter


Photo by: Daniel Parks License: CC by-nc

relentlessly it
rains depression. obscuring
moments of lightness.

a prompt from onesimplebreath.com

I’ve got a new web project going on. Its a haiku community where there will be semi-regular prompts to write haikus. Anyone is welcome to join and participate. Please check out the site at the links above.

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Books I’ve Read in 2015

Total Pages Read: 6,036
Shortest Book: 168 pages
Longest Book: 496 pages
Fiction: 13
Non-Fiction: 5
Cookbook: 1
Poetry: 0

Last Book Read:
19. Fear and Loathing in La Liga: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the World’s Greatest Sports Rivalry by Sid Lowe. The history of the two biggest clubs in Spain, how they became rivals, and why you are either a fan of Barça or Madrid if you live in Spain. 480 pages. (Finished 17 Aug 15).

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I got selfied…

So I went to Starbucks with my coworker and Timber Joey walks up and asks if he can take a picture with me. She asks me “are you famous or something? Does he know you?”


Respect the beard.

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Books I’ve Read in 2014

Total Pages Read: 7,295
Shortest Book: 144 pages
Longest Book: 514 pages
Fiction: 16
Non-Fiction: 3
Cookbook: 4

Last Book Read:
23. The Son by Jo Nesbø. A young man is in prison for crimes he didn’t commit in exchange for a steady supply of heroin. When he learns some new details of his father’s death, he becomes the center of a web of corruption and vengeance. 386 pages. (Finished 25 Nov 14).

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Niia – Body (& a few more songs)

Her debut EP comes out Oct 28.

She also has done a bunch of Bond song covers:

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Busy Signal – Well Prepared (Lorde – Royals Refix)

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Mr Giraffe and Mrs Racoon

Mr Giraffe and Mrs Raccoon

Inspired by my sister and her husband
at my friend Lauren’s Birthday Popstravaganza

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Coming soon…Airwaves

From Ray LaMontagne’s upcoming album Supernova. I dig.

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Take Me To Church

I’ve been digging this new artist out of Ireland.

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