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Sketch 43

Did I mention I voted?  Have you?  Less than a week to go!!!

I took a friend to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Saturday.  It was the first show for both of us at the Disney Hall.  The concert was part of the Songbook Series put on by the LA Phil.  The theme of this concert was “Country” and featured Vince Gill.  It was intimate affair (despite the grandiose of the hall itself), with Vince front and center with only a rhythm section trio backing him up.  In between songs, Vince related stories about where the songs came from, and in the second half of the show, invited the audience to shout out requests.  All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable show.  I’ll leave the rest of the details to the LA Times review, if you are more curious. (The reviewer liked it as well.)

Other than that, not much happened in the last week.  I’m going to San Diego for a concert on Saturday and then going to a show at The Wiltern on Sunday.  More about that next week though.

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We’ve been singing this song (you can listen below) at church the past few weeks.  Its by Bruce Cockburn, but with some additional lyrics written by the guy that is in charge of the service (though the version below is just the Bruce Cockburn version).

As I’ve been preparing to move to a new apartment, I’ve been thinking a lot about life and its mysteries.  So of course this song has been running through my head.

I never thought I’d ever live in Los Angeles, yet here I am.  I’m here and will be for another year or two probably.

I’m firmly in my thirties now, but I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  My work experience is scattered all over the place.

Mainly, I just really don’t know…

…other than just accepting life’s mysteries.

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Read a Book

I just saw this for the first time this past week.  This was originally aired on BET show The 5ive, and I believe (from the CNN spots below) has been aired on the show 106 & Park, a daily top-10 rap video countdown.  The song, by poet Bomani Armah, aka D’Mite or notarapper, is a parody/satire of the state of the “urban” black culture.  Not surprisingly, people didn’t get it:

Part 1 (From CNN)

Part 2 (From CNN)

I love in the second part of the interview, that the guy doesn’t see how silly his complaints about this animated short are.  He keeps trying to make the video out as a PSA, removing it from the context where it was shown. Completely ignoring the fact that it was shown on a show (and channel) that regularly feature music videos that glorify violence and drugs, while at the same time objectifing women. 

When accused by the CNN host of being a provocateur, Bomani responds wonderfully:
“I didn’t think the idea of reading and hygiene and all these things was controversial”

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sublevel – june 08

I forgot to mention in my last sketch

Went and caught Doc Martin at sublevel (His monthly underground party) last Saturday night/Sunday Morning.  Had a great time dancing until almost 4am with my friends Charlie and DJ Drue.

Here’s a little taste from the March 29th party at 6:30am (I didn’t make it to that one):

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Bo Diddley – r.i.p.

You will be missed…but your music will live on…

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Sketch 17

I do love being so close to the beach.  I spent the afternoon on Saturday with a good friend at Newport Beach.  We hung out there for a couple of hours before we headed up to Huntington Beach to check out a show by William F Gibbs.  It was nice to just hang out and just be.Friday night I went to a hookah cafe and saw the movie Teeth with a different friend.  The movie was pretty ridiculous (billed itself as a horror comedy).

I’m in the home stretch at work.  My last big event is tomorrow night and things are pretty much all in order for it.  It’ll be nice not to have that lingering over me anymore.

I haven’t been to church (outside of work) for a month now.  I was planning on going last weekend…but then woke up Sunday morning not feeling well, so I stayed in bed all day.  I think I’ll go this Sunday.  Or go hiking.

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Los Angeles

“I’m just trying to make some sense…..outta me”

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dwelling in my disasters

Ray Lamontagne – Empty (from BBC Four Session)

I’m not having much luck in my first choice of “things to do after I’m done at Canterbury.”    The craigslist job board for Santa Rosa isn’t providing many opportunities to apply for jobs.  So I’m left with also figuring out what Plan B really is.  Do I stay in Los Angeles, which often sucks away my will, and is so expensive, just because its the easiest option.  Do I look to move back to Oregon, even though I have no idea on how I’d pay to move my stuff back up there?  Is there some other place I should think about going?

Really, like Ray sings above, the whole process has left me feeling kind of empty.  Change is coming and I need to work on making sure its good.  As one of my friends pointed out last weekend in Salt Lake…I sure thought I’d have more things figured out by the time I was this age than I do.

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The Avett Brothers @ The El Rey 3/30/08

Thanks to the kind folks at Losanjealous, I was able to see The Avett Brothers last night at the El Rey Theatre. It was my first time seeing them, as the couple times I had planned to see them in Portland, it ended up falling through.  The brothers were full of energy, which was good for me as I had just returned from Salt Lake City, and was a little tired.  It was my first time seeing a show at The El Rey, and its a pretty cool venue.  Anyway, if you like bluegrass/alt-country, check out The Avett Brothers, they are great live.

Here is a clip from their show Saturday night in Solana Beach, CA (there weren’t any on youtube from the the LA show yet):

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Mind Control

Last night I saw Stephen Marley perform at the Roseland Theater.  He’s on tour supporting the release of his first solo project.  I do find it interesting that as Stephen (and his older brother Ziggy) age, how much more he sounds like his father.  The show was a good mix of stuff from the new album and Bob’s stuff.  Stephen also had his younger brother Damian “Jr. Gong” along for the tour, so there were a few songs from Damian’s latest album done as well.

So all in all…a great show…the people around me seemed to have a great time as well…even the people without the red tired eyes 😉

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