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Little Red Riding Hood

as inspired by Röyksopps Remind Me video:

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

School assignment to reinterpret the
fairytale Little red ridning hood.
Inspired by Röyksopps Remind me.

Music: Slagsmålsklubben, Sponsored by destiny
Animation: Tomas Nilsson

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Her Morning Elegance

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Info about the Video

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The Sweet Remains @ The Roxy

One of the guys in The Sweet Remains, used to attend the same church as I do in LA.  So when his band was booked to open for K’Naan and Mishka at The Roxy in West Hollywood, a bunch of folks from church decided to go.

I got to the club a little early, and asked someone who looked like they worked there if he knew when they would be selling tickets.  He asked for which show, and I said tonight, to which he responded…”I think tonights sold out.”  Since I hadn’t eaten yet, and there was still plenty of time before anyone I was going to meet was going to be there, I decided to walk down Sunset in search of some food (I hadn’t eaten yet.)

Around 7pm, a few of the folks I was meeting showed up, and the ticket office opened.  We tried to get our ticket and were told that sorry, the show was sold out.  It was looking kind of bleak for awhile.  Eventually, a couple of the folks in our group who were on the list, were able to get in and talk to the guy in the band, who was able to talk to the folks at the venue and they let us purchase tickets (though we were supposed to leave after they played).

Most of my group filtered out after The Sweet Remains were done, but I hung around, curious about Mishka and wanting to see at least a little bit of K’Naan’s set.

Mishka, was celebrating the release of his new album Above the Bones, his first release on Matthew McConaughey’s record label.  Matthew was of course in attendance as well.  I hadn’t heard of Mishka before, but I enjoyed him quite a bit.  He’s got a mellow reggae style…definitely influenced by the beaches and “roots reggae.”

The last act of the evening was K’Naan, who I was first introduced to when he opened for Stephen Marley at the Roseland in Portland.  He’s a Toronto based, but Somali born Hip-Hop artist.  His music is definitely influenced by the rhythms of Africa and reggae as well.  In fact, he recorded the majority of his new album at Bob Marley’s home studio in Jamaica.

K’Naan is a blast, and I had wished it wasn’t a work night, so I could have stayed for the whole set.

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Club Nokia: Michael Franti & Spearhead

I’m really behind in posting things…but I feel like procrastinating right now…so here we go…

Thanks to LA Metblogs, I was able to check out Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Club Nokia on Jan 30th.  Club Nokia is part of the newish LA Live development next to the Staples Center.  It is designed to complement the much larger Nokia Theater.  It is still a fairly large venue, holding up to 2,300 people.  It has two levels…the main floor and a balcony.  For this show, the main floor was open floor space, and the balcony provided seats (Most of which were also general admission).

My friend and I staked a claim to a couple seats in the balcony to enjoy the show in a more relaxed setting than the “pit” of fans directly in front of the stage.  Despite getting there shortly after 8pm (when the show was supposed to start), the second opening band was already on stage.  The first thing I noticed, was how incredibly good the sound quality was.  The mix was spot on for the space.  No distortion, and the vocals weren’t overpowered by the instruments.  Second, there really isn’t a bad seat in the place.  The balcony seats all still feel very close to the stage, so for such a large venue, you still get the feel of an intimate show.

Franti & Spearhead were amazing.  They came on around 9pm and played for a little over 2 hours.  I wouldn’t have been disappointed at all if I had paid for tickets.

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Relentless7 is Ben Harper’s new band.  They announced two shows around noon on Wednesday at The Mint, a small venue near my house.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and get a ticket to the Thursday night show and check it out.

Technically the Thursday show, was actually on Friday, as the doors opened at midnight and the show was scheduled to start at 12:30am.  Thankfully, the show started pretty much on time.  I found a nice spot near the middle of the stage, with only a couple of girls in front of me.  Basically I was no more than 3-5 feet from Ben Harper.

The show was fun.  The band played an 11 song set.  It’s a little more “rock” oriented than his stuff with the Innocent Criminals.  There were a few issues with the sound, but I think that mainly was because of the venue.  Too many clubs have the mains up so loud, and then the guitars/bass/drums up so loud, that the vocals can get drowned out.  A few songs into the set, Ben had them turn around one of the monitors to use it as a vocal field.  So yeah, the mix wasn’t great in the venue.

I’ve got a couple pictures from my Blackberry, that I may upload later, I haven’t had a chance to see if they are worth putting out there.

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The First Dance

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The Government

from Saul William’s email list:


We have overcome.

Except those of us now in Gaza. Except those of us whom police kill. Except those of us who are suspects. Except those of us whom the church hate. Except those of us damned to taste good. Except those of us held by fate. We are meeting in the capitol. Word is, freedom will not wait.

All that once was never shall be.
All they could do won’t be done.
All we sang of is now happening.

[note to self:]
Must write
new songs
to become…

…And so it was. Through the collective imagination of the people, the force of will and human potential, and an unflinching ability to hold himself to task, Niggy Tardust was liberated. His ability to see beyond the boundaries and obstacles of ‘genre’, ‘race’, and suppression, allowed him to encompass a grace and sound that embodied the all. All that had stood against him, now stood with him. All that had claimed a lesser harmony, now craved voice and resonance. He stood with poets, painters, dancers, students, children of the night who had transformed themselves into a million bright ambassadors of morning, and proclaimed,

“We declare declaratives and deny the official. Based in the landmark of the G-spot, we have overtaken ourselves and overthrown our forefathers. Let there be light within the light and let it answer to the name of Darkness. We are forever risen from the deadly: the anti-virus and the All Stars. Granted power by forces unbeknownst to us. Made in the likeness of kindness. We offer anger to the angry and fear to the fearful. We dance at our own funerals to forsake the mourners…

…This is no time to cry! This is no time at all! Here is the moment of the overlooked and the unforeseeable. We are the elected officials of the people: poets and artists. We are the declarative statement of the inarticulate, the irreparably damaged goods of the bad meaning good. We are the government! We are the government! We are the government!”

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Musical Obsession of the Moment

Robert Francis

“Little Girl” from the album “One by One” (2007)

Found via Buzzbands.LA (here)

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2 Nights of Ray LaMontagne

A few months ago, I purchased tickets to Ray LaMontagne at the Wiltern here in LA.  It was a second show that was added after the first show quickly sold out.  I was so glad when it was announced because I hadn’t been able to see him live yet.  Anyway, another one of my friends got tickets to the show in San Diego before the second show was announced, as it didn’t sell out immediately like the first LA show.  Between getting the tickets and the show, circumstances came about that she might not be going with the person she had originally intended.  So one day, I came up with this crazy idea of us sharing our tickets with each other and going to both shows.  My friend loved the idea.


I don’t have many pics from the shows…just a couple of really dark pictures from the San Diego show (the Wiltern doesn’t allow photography)…but here is Leona Ness (the opening act) and Ray at the Spreckels Theatre:


I enjoyed both nights quite a bit, but for different reasons.  I think the San Diego show was a little better…at least Ray’s portion of it.  The set was at least one song longer in San Diego (I think…I wasn’t counting…but the LA show just felt shorter).  We had great seats in San Diego, however they were off to the left and the view was partially blocked by the speakers.  We basically just saw the side and back of Ray.  In LA, the seats were in the balcony, so we were looking down from the center, but much further away.  Both venues were excellent for ambiance and sound quality.  Very fitting venues for the music.  My only complaints…in San Diego, we had some annoying folks around us, a couple where the guy was demeaning and pretty much just horrible to his date, and a girl who kept recording on her cell phone in 30 second blocks the majority of Ray’s set.  In LA, I was disappointed how little difference there was in the set list from the night before from Ray.  While Leona Ness played pretty much the same songs, she at least switched up the order.  Ray’s set was pretty much exactly the same, with the exception being him not performing Roses and Cigarettes in LA. More pics from the weekend are here.

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The Only One

I love what you do to my head
It’s a mess out there!

-The CureThe Only One from 4:13 Dream

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