so this happened…

…I got engaged!


Last Wednesday, I flew down to LA to surprise Alicia with a visit.  I flew in during the day while she was at work and was at the apartment before she got home from work.  So when she came into the bedroom and I was there sitting on the bed…I got a nice scream out of her.  She was pretty excited though (once she started breathing again).

As for the engagement, I hadn’t really told anyone that I was thinking about doing it before the trip.  Partially because it was going to be a gut feeling kind of thing.  Do I do it now, do I wait until she’s moved up here to Portland or I have a job, those kind of thoughts.

Anyway, we had met up with one of my friends in downtown LA on Thursday and after we parted ways with my friend decided to take the new(ish) Expo Line to Culver City.  It was then when it popped into my head where/when to do it.  When we got to the USC stop, I said “Hey, lets get off here.” (at this point she is a little suspicious)  Then we walked towards where we had our first kiss (and she’s a lot more suspicious as we get closer).  When we got there, we kissed a couple times and I leaned in and whispered the question in her ear…and she said yes (phew!).

Afterwards, we walked back to the Expo Line and took it to Culver City as planned (going with the original idea to get some dessert).  In the end, we just walked around downtown Culver City and didn’t get dessert.

So yeah…that’s my big news of late.

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