Happy Seizureversary (and other news)

A year ago today I had a seizure while at work…by this time in the day, I was in the hospital (for what would be an overnight visit).  So how are things a year later?  Well I haven’t had any further events…so that’s a good thing.  I survived not being able to drive for five months living in LA.  Health wise…everything seems to be pretty stable.

Lately the biggest change has been my move back to Portland.  I’ve for the most part settled in to my new apartment.  I’m still looking for a job (I did have one temporary assignment stuffing envelopes for 2.5 days).  I’m starting to get a little bored without a job to go to.  But for the moment I’m still pretty confident that something will turn up soon.  All in all, its nice being back in the NW.

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