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Sketch 2

This weeks sketch is a couple days late because of a teensy mistake at my webhost, taking down the site for a good portion of 24 hours.

Largely due to a minuscule bank balance, I didn’t do much outside of work the past week.  Most of the students didn’t arrive back in town until the weekend, so it was still pretty quiet around the office.  I was able to attend both of the USC Men’s Basketball games last week (another loss and then finally a Pac-10 win over the Fuskies).

Payday finally came on Tuesday and my checking account was quite happy to finally see some action.  After work I drove over to the Beach Cities and picked up a birthday present for a friend.  I haven’t been over to the Beach Cities since before I left for the holidays, and it was nice to get out of the neighborhood for a bit.  It’s nice having the students back around the campus, I’d forgotten how odd it is to be around a campus when classes aren’t in session.  (Though that also means a return to the loud parties going to 1am across the street from my apartment.)

I’ve got fun plans for the weekend, but I’ll wait until next Tuesday to tell you about them. 🙂

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Sketch 1

Inspired partially by one of my friends weekly emails, I’m going to write weekly entries in my blog that focus on what I’ve been doing the past week.  Little sketches on what is going on in my life. 

New Year’s was spent at Zanzibar in Santa Monica with some new friends.  There was a DJ set by Jason Sole (of KCRW) until the countdown at midnight.  Breaking in the first hours of 2008 was the band Breakestra, a funky hip-hop orchestra.  It was a great night of dancing and meeting new folks. (Pics Here)

After sleeping in and watching football for much of the rest of New Year’s Day, it was back to work on Wednesday.  My first day back in the office since getting back to LA (but not my first day of work).  Caught a showing of There Will Be Blood, the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.  The movie was amazing and the score was mindblowing, a character in itself.  I still like No Country for Old Men as my favorite for best movie of 2007, but There Will Be Blood was definitely nipping at its heels.

I went to the dentist on Thursday.  The dentist actually cleaned my teeth, which was kind of weird.  I don’t think I’ll be going back to this dentist though.  She wasn’t horrible once I actually got in, but I definitely felt as I was just a $ sign to her.

Friday was back in the office and a long conversation with my boss about goals for the coming semester.  The weekend was full of NFL Playoffs, reading and relaxing.

Classes don’t start here at USC until next Monday, so work is pretty quiet, but I should be able to get a bunch of stuff done this week as well.

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