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I haven’t posted in awhile, and part of that is because I’d been holding off on perhaps the biggest news until it was official.  The big news is, I’m moving to LA at the beginning of August.  An amazing opportunity kind of fell into my lap.  I’m going to be working at the Episcopal Chaplaincy at the University of Southern California.  I’ll be working closely with the Chaplain as a lay chaplain. 

So as of now the tentative plan will be to be moved out of my apartment in Portland by Jul. 22.  I’ll be down in Eugene through Aug. 6 and then head down to LA.

I’m excited…but its going to make for a busy July.  I’m also taking a graduate-level history class at PSU through July 18th.  So it’s work, school and getting ready to move for me for the next three weeks. 

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Internships, iPods and other silly things

I’ve interviewed for the internship in LA.  I actually was able to do my interview face to face, because I co-led a workshop at a conference with the person who would be interviewing me.  I think the interview went well.  My thought is that the other applicants (esp. male), will have more to do on whether or not I get the internship.  After being in the LA area for the weekend though, I’m still kinda freaked out about moving there.  Its going to be rough living in that environment for a year, and unfortunately I doubt I’ll be able to afford to make many “sanity” trips up to Oregon.

I finally caved in and bought a new iPod.  My old one broke the week before Thanksgiving last year.  I was able to hold off buying one for an entire month when I decided I really wanted one again.  I even put the cost of the iPod in savings before buying one later on.  This time I got the 4GB iPod Nano (Red so some of the cost goes to helping Africa).  Now I’ll have music to listen to on my morning bus commute again. 😀

I’m getting really excited about my trip to NYC in 8 days.

I’m going to see Stephen Marley & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley at the Roseland on Thursday.

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march on

Change is afoot.

One of my roommates is moving to Japan on Sunday.  I’m really excited for her, but I’m sad she’s leaving (and a little jealous).  This week is a series of goodbye gatherings though…its a little bittersweet.

I’ve applied for an internship in LA.  It would start near the end of August. If I get the internship, I’ll have to get my car fixed and insured again.  I’m anxious to find out what happens with the application.  I’m a little on the upper end of the age range for the internship and hope that doesn’t work against me.

I’m getting a little stir crazy here in town.  The last time I left town was for an afternoon in early February to drive down to Eugene to get a letter of recommendation for the internship application.  Sadly, It doesn’t look like I’ll get out of town until I head down to Southern California at the end of the month for a conference I’m staffing.  I am however looking forward to going to New York City in April for a long weekend. 

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