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the new year

In what I hope is not a harbinger of the coming year, my New Year’s Eve was cast upon with loneliness and death.  My closest friends were all out of town and none of the “nightlife” options appealed to me this year.  The most difficult part of the day was however the update my father gave me on my grandmother.  Friday, she had been moved back to the hospital from the rehab center.  On Saturday, she was moved back into ICU.  After being bed ridden with a feeding tube down one nostril for two weeks, she had developed pneumonia.  The doctors wanted to do a surgery to insert a feeding tube directly into her stomach, however because of the respiratory problems, could not do the surgery yet.  Saturday night was a rough night for my grandma, she was having a hard time breathing.  However, Sunday morning she was doing better after one big coughing bit.  For now they are going to see if they can work on breaking up some of the blockage, so they can go ahead with the surgery to insert a feeding tube into her stomach.  However that’ll be a couple of days at the earliest (that they would do the surgery).

I was lucky to be with a friend when I did get this call though.  Because my dad talked to me about what would happen if things got worse.  They are going to aggressively treat what they can…but they aren’t going to keep her alive just for the sake of keeping her alive.  I know she’s lived a long and good life, but its still kinda tough to wrap my head around the fact that she might die.

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one deep breath: a new year

for my grandma:

machines watch over
pneumonic nights. fighting death–
for another year.


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the end of 2006

I found out last night my grandma is back in ICU (this is after finding out the day before they brought her back from the rehab center to the hospital).  Nothing immediately life threatening, they just want to be able to observe her more completely.

I have no plans for New Year’s Eve.  I might just go to bed early.  If I had transportation, I’d go camping somewhere…or to the coast.  Just get away from the city for a bit.

I am looking forward to the new year however.  As of the 1st, I’ll be at .75FTE at my job.  I’ve got some ideas I’m going to check into for some more career advancement.  Great things are going to happen this year.  

Looking back at last year, there were some pretty negative things that happened over the first half of the year.  However, the second half of the year improved greatly and I believe that I’m in a much better place at the beginning of 2007 than I was at the beginning of 2006.

Have a great New Year’s everyone!!! 

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December Update

I’m back to blogging after a short hiatus for most of December.  Between a webhost move and a general lack of inspiration, not much came out of me to blog about.  Anyway, a little of what has been going on with me over the past month or so.

On Nov. 27th, I became official at my job (I had been a temp employee since July).  For now I’m only working half time there, but its more than enough to live comfortably.  My boss is trying to find more budget, because she’d like me there full time.  Ideally, I think I’d like to get to .75 (or 30 hours per week).

I picked up a pretty nasty bug a couple weekends ago that had me pretty well whipped for my entire 4 day weekend.  Though I suppose its good that I didn’t have to take any sick days for it.

Last weekend was the annual Eugene Santa Pub Crawl, so I went down for that.  By the time Saturday night rolled around, my heart wasn’t quite in it, but I still had a good time.  Some pics are here.

Saturday morning my grandmother (dad’s side) had a stroke.  I’m pretty close to my grandparents as I lived in their mother-in-law’s suite for almost 8 years.  Anyway, I got to see her on Sunday afternoon for a little bit.  She recognized my dad and I and was able to talk to us.  I talked to my dad last night and she’s out of ICU and the bleeding in/on her brain has stopped.  So medically she’s doing pretty good.  The doctors think she’ll be in the hospital for a week, but that means she may be home before Christmas as long as things continue to go well. 

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one deep breath: storms

A different kind of storm for my take on this weeks prompt from one deep breath.  Saturday my grandmother had a stroke.  As of now the doctors think she’ll be fine, but she’ll be in the hospital for at least a week for observation/recovery.  When my dad and I visited with her Sunday afternoon, she recognized us and was able to ask us questions and follow the conversation.  I’ll take that as a good sign.

a gust topples
the body without notice

My grandparents and I at my college graduation.

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one deep breath: legacy

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.  As her mind got worse, it was eventually necessary for her to live in a foster care home.  This was back when I was in middle school.  My grandfather at this time lived in a retirement home, because though he suffered from bone cancer and was wheelchair bound, he was largely self sufficient.  My grandfather’s retirement home was directly across the street from the middle school I attended.  Often, after school I would go and visit my grandfather.  On occasion we would take the city bus across town to go and visit my grandmother.  It was during these trips that I first understood what it meant to truly love someone.  

her mind riddled
even love is obscured
but eyes remember

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the prose section of this haibun is inspired by a story i am working on for a site a good friend of mine is a part of.  the site is called common ties and publishes (and pays for) personal stories in the mold of something you might hear on this american life or the storycorps project.  i encourage you all to check out the site.

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