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avocado pie?

One of my friends is “stuck” in Sicily as her husband is stationed by the Navy there.  Since she seems to have all the time in the world…she has started a blog of her culinary exploits.  Her blog is called Pinch My Salt.  Anyway, about a month ago she posted a recipe for Jagger Pie.  Now you may be wondering what exactly Jagger Pie is…or you may have guess by the title of this post…that it is a pie made with avocado.

Not many of my friends have fully appreciated the logic of “Well, I like avocado, and I like pie,” statement I was prone to say when I spoke of this experiment.  But I set out to test this recipe anyway.  The ingredients are pretty simple.  It is just one avocado, a can of sweetened condensed milk and some lemon juice, all in a graham cracker crust.

When I finally cracked out a piece, I was pleasently surprised in how good the pie was.  Both of my friends that were brave enough to try the pie also enjoyed it.  I ended up not having any whipped cream on top (as Nicole’s recipe called for), however I’m sure it would be good that way as well.  The pie is actually quite sweet and goes well with a tall glass of milk. 

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