The end of the year (aka Sketch 52)

What’s this? Things have suddenly gotten busy.  Both in my off time and at work.  So I’m running a little behind on my end of the year post.  But tonight, I’m sitting down with some Yogurtland and finally getting it out here on the blog.

the wrap-up:

  • I finished my year working as a lay minister at USC in May.
  • I worked at a coffee shop (very part-time)…a first experience.
  • I worked as an executive assistant for just over 2.5 months (during which my exec “left” the company)…another first experience.
  • I finished the year (and am still) working as a supply chain planning analyst…again, a first experience.
  • I lived in three different apartments.
  • I didn’t make it back to Oregon until Christmas (making it a full year away).
  • I read more books than last year (by one)
  • I discovered lots of free (or inexpensive) things to do in LA.
  • Like a bunch of movies screened for free, sometimes months before they opened to the general public.
  • I reconnected with a few old friends.
  • Married one of my friends (by performing the ceremony, not getting married myself)

All in all, it was a good year.  After 1.5 years, I’ve got a small group of good friends.  I even kind of like LA a little.

This coming year I’d like to:

  • Read more books than last year.
  • Practice yoga regularly
  • Improve my diet (partially by getting rid of the fast food habit I fell into while working at USC)
  • Make more friends
  • Love people more

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