Thinking of home…

I’ve been homesick lately.  It is compounded by the uncertainty I have about whether or not I’ll be able to go home for Christmas as well.  The problem is, I started a job through a temp agency in August.  I was supposed to be on the normal 60 – 90 days temp-to-hire schedule.  However, a month and a half into the job, one of the executives I was assisting left the company.  A few weeks later, the other guy, decided his assistant needed more of a legal background.  So that assignment ended.  I was quickly reassigned to a new position in the company (only missing two days of work), but that also restarted my temp-to-hire schedule.  Which means, no holiday pay…no vacation pay (though that may not have happened anyway).

The company’s Holiday schedule for 2008 has Christmas Day and the day after for the “official” holiday days.

My sister (and her boyfriend) are going to be home the 20th – the morning of the 26th.  Airfare is already almost prohibitively expensive…even flying in and out of Portland.  If I have to work on the 24th…then my only option to get home in time to see my sister is to fly.

I’m thinking about seeing if I can take that entire week off.  But there is risk in that, as they could decide just to not have me back after that week.  Even if they said it was ok beforehand.

Anyway…one of a few things in my life that I wish was different.

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