Sketch 23

I don’t have much to talk about this week, which is why I’m late posting my weekly update.

I’m still looking for a new job.  I got laid-off at the coffee shop, because we just weren’t busy enough.  It will be a long tough summer I imagine for Rich.  I hope he survives because it is the best cup of coffee near USC.

I’ve been sending off resumes every day, still haven’t had much of anything biting though.  I’m starting to get a little concerned.

My little sister, who lives in NYC and works as nanny, is going to Dubai with the family she works for on Sunday.  They are staying at the Burj Al Arab for three nights. Rooms there start at $1,500 a night.  It is a whole different world my sister lives in.

I got some sad news from my youngest sister yesterday.  Her dog, Hallie, needs a head x-ray to check for a brain tumor.  Hallie got blood work done yesterday, and has the appointment for the x-ray next Wednesday.  Apparently her eyes have been rolling back in her head when she’s been walking and she’s slowed down in general a lot in the last few weeks.  I hope it isn’t as bad as it sounds it might be.  Hallie is such a wonderful dog, so loving.  If it is serious, it will be a big loss for both my sister and parents.  Here is a picture of her from a few years ago:

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