a psalm of happenstance

…there’s a rule I always follow when I don’t know what to do…If you have to choose between something that has form and something that doesn’t, go for the one without form.  That’s my rule.  Whenever I run into a wall I follow that rule, and it always works out.  Even if it’s hard going at the time.

–from “Chance Traveler” by Haruki Murakami

She left what she knew was home…for a place foreign to her heart.  She knew this when she left…that her heart would never give her peace there.  But she is there nonetheless.
He knows her heart.  It is not his…it was never meant to be.  It doesn’t stop his heart from shedding tears for her embrace.  He is where her heart is.  He wants to keep it safe for her love.
Sometimes they wonder…what is over that next mountain?  What will that other country will bring?  She travels there seeking it, while he sits at home…just dreaming of his love.
He wants to take a risk…to sail to that place in his dreams.  Where love and God and he are all together.  Where she has her heart and her love and her God.
For a moment they forget all this though.  They fall, each in their own ways.  Finding God through making love (or at least trying to).
We think there should be some form to it all.  Dating, Marriage, Children, Death.  But that is where we are wrong.
God like Love has no form.  It is unique to each of our whole selves.  God, You and I.  A union of physical, spiritual and sensual lives.
It is:
Whatever the risk, we can do no less.
But give everything.
Even when we know it will only be a brief moment.
for A and A

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