We Wish You A Merry Christmas


(and yes…I actually own this album on vinyl from back when I was a kid)

The priest at my church has been telling us about how he hasn’t been able to get into the Advent spirit this year (for those not up on churchspeak…Advent is the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that marks the beginning of the church calendar).  I’ve been right there with a similar sentiment this year.

My holiday plans of course were thrown upside down with the breakup right before Thanksgiving.  I ended up at my parents house for Thanksgiving instead of my original plans to spend the long weekend in Portland.  Because of that unexpected trip though, I’ve decided not to go home to Oregon for Christmas.  This will be the first year since I moved down to LA that I won’t be going home for Christmas (though it was also the first year I was home for Thanksgiving).

As for my plans for Christmas now…I’ve got an invite to go over to play video games and hang out in the afternoon on Christmas day from one of my friends.  Other than that, my Christmas and New Year’s plans are open.  I did cancel my vacation request for the week between Christmas and New Year’s though.  Figured I’d save those hours for an actual vacation sometime later. 

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