Lavash Crackers


Lavash crackers are the Armenian version of flatbreads that are common among many different cuisines throughout the world (naan, pita, tortillas, etc.).  In fact, this dough has much in common with naan and pita.  Like those two breads, it is traditionally baked in a Tandoor oven.  Thankfully, these can still be made in a conventional oven quite well.


To bake these, I rolled out the dough as thin as possible and then placed it on parchment on a sheet pan.  I used a pizza cutter to pre-cut half of the dough into triangles, leaving the other half to break apart as they would.  I flavored the crackers with black sesame seeds, Hungarian paprika, kosher salt, and caraway seeds.  (I may have overdone the paprika section though.)

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