(Not) Eating Out

Inspired by my friend Nicole (@PinchMySalt), I’m not going to eat out during the month of September.  She had a good thought about it…”Remember when going out to eat was kind of a big deal?”  Its true, I think even up to when I was in high school going out was a pretty big deal.  Even just getting Dairy Queen (especially for lunch) was kind of a big deal.  So September will be the time to really discover the kitchen in my new apartment.

I’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood the past few weeks regularly.  I’ve been most excited about the Huckleberries one of the mushroom guys has had.  They’re expensive ($10 for about 2/3rds of a pound), but so good.  A little taste of Oregon in the midst of the never ending summer of Southern California.  The first bag became a batch of Huckleberry Ice Cream.  Though the recipe I used ended up being more of a sweet cream ice cream with huckleberries in it.  Bag number two is currently in the process of becoming Huckleberry’cello.  I picked up a couple more bags this past weekend (probably the last week he’ll have them), and I’m going to make a Huckleberry Granita out of it.  Mmm…I do love the huckleberries.

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