Alexi Murdoch @ the El Rey 4/8/09

Thanks to the fine folks at Losanjealous, I was able to head over to the El Rey to see Alexi Murdoch last Wednesday.  I had conflicting plans the last opportunity I had to see him perform (at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland a few years ago).  I arrived a little after 9pm, to a pretty full crowd already standing around (and sitting on the dance floor).  The opening act, the Portland Cello Project (or PCP as they joked), consisted of 5 cello players and a percusionist.  They played a wide variety of interpretations of songs from such diverse artists as Dave Brubeck and Pantera.

After a short break out came Alexi.  The place was completely quiet as Alexi began his set, and really for the most part remained that way throughout the entire set.  He played a nice mix of songs from his LP and new songs from a forthcoming “long EP or short LP.”  A nice surprise was that they had just received a limited run of this new materials that were hand stamped and individually numbered (I ended up getting number 26/5000).  I’ve got to say, Alexi hasn’t missed a beat with the new songs.  Of them, the one that’s been played over and over again is called “Through the Dark.”  The album should be in stores in a few months.  He doesn’t tour often, so if you get the chance, go see him.  It’ll be worth it.



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