Synecdoche, New York

Last night I went to a screening of the new Charlie Kaufman film, Synecdoche, New York

Like his prior work, its a bit strange, but also amusing.  Originally conceived as a “horror film” for Sony, this is what Kaufman came up with.  A story about a theater director so afraid of death that he is misses life and the good parts of it.  I thought it was a fascinating film, and fit perfectly alongside the rest of Kaufman’s work.

My friend went with me said “near the end, I just wanted it to be over already.”  Not because it wasn’t an enjoyable movie, but just because it was getting long.  What I just realized though, is perhaps this was a good thing.  This is a film about living and dying after all.  For some people at the end of life, you wish for it just to be over, the suffering of pain, loneliness, whatever.  But for whatever reason they linger on, in pain, alone until finally the warm light embraces them.

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