Sketch 50

The year winds down, and so do the activities.  A couple of my friends left town for the holidays over the weekend.  So a few less partners in crime are around.  I’ve also been trying to be frugal in my spending to compensate for the unpaid week next week (gotta love temp work).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am in life.  How many of my friends, who are younger than me, seem to be much further along in life.  They’ve got good jobs that they love or graduate degrees.  They’ve got homes. Are married.  Heck, some are even divorced (not that it is a good thing).  But even then, they’ve experience marriage and the love that drove them to it in the first place.

It all seems so far away to me.

Its hard being 32 and not really having anything figured out.

I’m leaving for Oregon Friday, right after work.  It’ll be nice to be home for the week.  Catch up with some friends and family.  I’m taking two days to drive up, planning on stopping somewhere around Sacramento late Friday night and finishing up the drive on Saturday.  Saturday night is the annual Santa Pub Crawl in Eugene.  It’ll be a cold crawl this year as the temps are predicted to be below freezing, with possible snow showers.  No matter how cold it is, it’ll be a nice welcome home.

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