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Well I mostly survived last week, despite working every day of it.  My next day off won’t come until Saturday, but the major stress of last week has lessened. 

The week was one full of meetings.  It started off with a meeting at the Diocesan offices on Saturday (my normal day off).  The meeting was a visioning meeting about campus ministry in the Diocese.  It actually ended up being a pretty good meeting (and not as drama filled as I thought it might be).  On Monday, there was a Religious Director’s Meeting talking about the search for a new Dean of Religious Life.  Interesting, but something I didn’t really have the time for.  On Tuesday, we had a Board Meeting for Canterbury.  Then on Friday, I flew to Salt Lake City for a provincial gathering planning meeting (that lasted through Saturday).

Smack in the middle of all those meetings, Wednesday was our third MiX:USC event.  This is the project that is supposed to take just under half of my time at work.  In reality it takes much more (as do all my projects).  I was really worried about the event, but over the last week, things really came together and the event was really good.  If only more people could have been there to see it.

So there wasn’t much time for much other than work last week.  I started Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra.  Its going to take a little time to get through, as its 914 pages long.  I watched Ratatouille one evening.  It was enjoyable, but not the best of the Pixar animated films.  Maybe its just the premise of rats cooking that’s just too much to get over.

Salt Lake was beautiful.  There was a few inches of snow on the ground, but we were between storms, so the weather wasn’t bad.  Most everyone else at the meeting found it a little cold, but I loved the cold, crisp, clean air.  Plus I just love the sight of the snow covered Wasatch Range.  I had a couple pints at Squatters Pub, aka Salt Lake City Brewing Co.  Both the “Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout” and “Organic Amber Ale” were quite good.  I also had a sip of the “Provo Girl Pilsner” which was not bad for an American Pilsner.  It’s nice to have good beer, and I don’t get to have it as much living in Los Angeles.

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