Sketch 19

I’ve been slowly packing up my room this week.  It’s always a little jarring to put all your stuff in boxes to prepare for a move.  I’ve been trying to go through stuff and get rid of some of the excess, however the past couple days have just been putting things in boxes.  I’ll try to cull more stuff as I’m unpacking.  This morning I took apart my bed.  I’ll just sleep on the mattress on the floor the next couple days.  Yes, the packing is wrapping up.

Last night was my first night on my own at the coffee shop.  It was pretty slow, but also the first day of the extended hours of the shop.  So I was able to do a bit of reading and get all the closing work done pretty quickly.  I’m looking forward to things getting busier though.

I cooked my last dinner for Canterbury on Sunday.  I made a burrito bar (because the Lutheran Pastor had requested Mexican food) and had purchased a chocolate cake from Costco.  I am going to miss cooking Sunday dinners as it was the one area of my job that I did well (at least as a whole).

Tis a short sketch this week, back to packing. 🙂

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