Sketch 17

I do love being so close to the beach.  I spent the afternoon on Saturday with a good friend at Newport Beach.  We hung out there for a couple of hours before we headed up to Huntington Beach to check out a show by William F Gibbs.  It was nice to just hang out and just be.Friday night I went to a hookah cafe and saw the movie Teeth with a different friend.  The movie was pretty ridiculous (billed itself as a horror comedy).

I’m in the home stretch at work.  My last big event is tomorrow night and things are pretty much all in order for it.  It’ll be nice not to have that lingering over me anymore.

I haven’t been to church (outside of work) for a month now.  I was planning on going last weekend…but then woke up Sunday morning not feeling well, so I stayed in bed all day.  I think I’ll go this Sunday.  Or go hiking.

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