Hey Mr. IRS Man…

More news on the Prop 8 front…

Prop 8 LetterPerhaps its time to look into the political activism of the Mormon Church here in Southern California.  This post on LAist, talks about a letter received by blogger John Remy at Mind on Fire.  He states that the only reason he got the letter is because he is still on the official ward roster (though he’s trying to get removed).  In another post, he talks about what he’s hearing from friends around Orange County about the issue:

“From what my friends in Orange County wards tell me, this campaign is being reinforced every week in leadership councils as well as in Sacrament, Sunday School and Priesthood and Relief Society meetings. It sounds like similar pressure is being applied to members of Catholic and many evangelical communities as well (I’m mostly familiar with the LDS situation-if you have any information on other denominations, please let me know).”

You would think that this is a much more blatant case of political posturing from the pulpit, than the anti-war sermon preached at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena.  Perhaps its time to do some investigations into at least this Orange County LDS Ward.

So where are you now Mr. IRS Man? (or Woman)

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