From the West LA Prop 8 Protests:

***This is not me…just a repost from elsewhere (since that wasn’t clear to everyone)***

Posted by panasonicyouth on Buzznet:

My experience at the ‘Reverse Prop 8’ Rally in West Los Angeles yesterday

afternoon, I attended the rally outside the Mormon temple on Santa
Monica Blvd and Overland, in order to protest the Mormon church’s
involvement in helping to pass Proposition 8 here in California. My
co-worker, Richard Flores, biked with me from the Buzznet office in
Hollywood to the rally in West LA.

In the interest of avoiding
any legal implications (since I do not have or have not seen a lawyer),
I am not going to describe the events leading up to my arrest.  Please watch the arrest video for that; I think it speaks for itself. I think it is more important to describe what happened afterwards.

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