dwelling in my disasters

Ray Lamontagne – Empty (from BBC Four Session)

I’m not having much luck in my first choice of “things to do after I’m done at Canterbury.”    The craigslist job board for Santa Rosa isn’t providing many opportunities to apply for jobs.  So I’m left with also figuring out what Plan B really is.  Do I stay in Los Angeles, which often sucks away my will, and is so expensive, just because its the easiest option.  Do I look to move back to Oregon, even though I have no idea on how I’d pay to move my stuff back up there?  Is there some other place I should think about going?

Really, like Ray sings above, the whole process has left me feeling kind of empty.  Change is coming and I need to work on making sure its good.  As one of my friends pointed out last weekend in Salt Lake…I sure thought I’d have more things figured out by the time I was this age than I do.

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