Car troubles

Yesterday morning, I left for work as usual.  I got in my car, started it up and headed to work.  After going two blocks, there was a stop sign where I was to turn right.  However, when I pressed down on the gas all my engine did was rev (like it was in neutral).  I tried putting it in Second gear and the Low gear.  Still nothing.  Reverse?  Yes, reverse still works.

Luckily I’m still close to my house.  Unluckily, its street cleaning day on the side of the street in which direction I’m facing.  Which also means that all the parking on the other side of the street is already taken.  So I drive in reverse to in front of my apt building and park.  Leaving a note on my windshield hoping the parking enforcement guy won’t give me a ticket, I go inside to make a couple calls (to my insurance company and mechanic).

My mechanic tells me its probably one of two things.  The easy one, is some piston came apart and he can fix it without taking off the transmission.  The more expensive option…a band broke and the transmission has to come off and apart (basically get rebuilt).

Anyway, I didn’t really have the time to deal with it yesterday, so I grabbed some change and walked up to Santa Monica Blvd to catch a bus into work.  Only 2 hours late.

Hoping to tow the car to the mechanic tomorrow and see what the damage will be.  Until then…its public transit in Los Angeles for me.

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