Fire on Belmont

I was watching college football this afternoon and around 1:30pm heard something weird outside.  I looked out the back window to see the upper story of the building behind us on fire.

Right as I looked out, my neighbor knocked on my door, yelling about the fire.  I grabbed my camera, snapped the above shot from my window…and grabbed my laptop and passport and left the building (just in case the fire spread).  I went over the the back yard of the house being remodeled next door and shot the following picture before the fire department had shown up (maybe five minutes had elapsed at this point)

After the fire department arrived they quickly got control of the fire.  As of now, I don’t know of anyone being hurt.  I did find one of the neighbor’s cat running around.  I gave them a call on the number on the cat’s collar and left a voice mail.  Walked around for a bit looking to see if I could find his/her owner…but couldn’t so brought him back to my house after letting someone with the FD know that I had the cat. (They were going to call animal control).

The owner just called me and are on the way to pick up at least one of their kitties. (From the call, they’ve got at least 2 cats.)

A few more pictures here.

Update:  According to the news, no one was hurt.  4 of the 8 apts are completely uninhabitable, the other 4 with extensive damage.  I was on KOIN 6 and didn’t look like a complete dork (at least I don’t think so).

Update 2: Bella, the cat, is with her owners. Turns out there was only the one cat from that apartment.  I did however get a call from another resident of the building who is still looking for her cat. 🙁

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